A writing prompt from The Red Dress Club: write a first-person piece about either eating your favorite food or taking a shower – without using a personal pronoun. Yikes.


Ninety seconds to sweep away the grime from an arduous, balmy day. Horrifyingly cold water explodes from the faucet and miles of fine hair are knotted. The piercing stream of water warms up as the strands are once again tamed. Steam rises and beckons to each lifeless cell, detached fiber, and speck of dirt with promises of release. Lavender-scented bubbles to wash away the worries and a drain to collect the debris. Fingernails are purged. Weary feet are unsoiled. Pungent armpits are scrubbed and shaved. A delicate layer of makeup melts away. But legs remain fuzzy and hair is only shampooed not conditioned. Time is running out and the baby has started to wail. The stubborn residue of lavender and filth are ushered to the drain. The water stops as rudely as it started. Sudden, with not even a trickle for goodbye.


  1. I found this prompt very difficult but in reading others I see what it forces us to do. Without the pronouns it really makes us describe and then we can really feel through description. I love what you did with it.


  2. It is so sad that the legs are always last to get attention isn’t it? They give us so much.

    I love the abrupt ending, like most showers Mamas must beg to get through. Very well done.

    All the entries today are just blowing me away. I promise to never again take a pronoun for granted!


  3. I definitely have to set aside a day to return and read through some of your posts. Topics of interest here that’s just right up my alley. I love your “about me” because I can relate.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your very kind words on my piece…



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