hannah follows her dream to new york city

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Follow your dreams. I want you and I to create the life we want to live. Starting today. So, I’d like to share a little inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers who is in the midst of following a dream she’s entertained since childhood. Welcome, Hannah Katy from As Simple as That.

Go visit her beautiful blog to see my guest post entitled, I Love Love, which is all about true love and how to find it. Yes, you’ve stumbled upon a land of romantic visionaries. We aspire to make you hopeful for this day.

* * *

There are some things that I know to be true.

Of them, I am certain that I sat upon a high stool in a past life while a Mr. Frank Sinatra serenaded me with his suave baritone voice.

“Start spreadin’ the news… Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh…” He captivates me with a single glance. “YOU’RE leaving today…” Me, Frankie? Me?!

He continues to tell me that I will soon wake up in the city that never sleeps. Oh Frankie, if you only knew how very right you were in telling me that.

New York City, please meet your newest resident. That’s right! If I click my heels together three times then I am coming right to ya.

Apart from having a massive crush on Ol’ Blue Eyes, I have waited 11 long years to pump some truth into those above lyrics. I have prayed in nearly 74 locations, with 18 different hair styles, and at 25 or so different turning points in my life that I would one day find myself in New York City. That I Would One Day Call It Home. That It Would One Day Know How Very Easily It Stole My Heart.

I am weary of talking too much about “stolen hearts” for it seems that the best and most meaningful people, places, and experiences in this lifetime don’t “steal” some part of us, but rather they grow another part of us. Bigger & Brighter. A Switch from Water Colors to Acrylics. They flood our insides with feelings. Happiness. Nervousness. Anticipation. Desire. Meaning. Motivation. Persistence. They cause us to question if emotions can be this fierce. If Passions Can Be This Intense. If Love Can Be This Abundant. We begin to question if we could possibly want something so badly that even in its presence we still ache for it.

This kind of passion is quite relatable to the chicken pox, poison ivy on the vine, and laughter. Yes, a bad case of laughing chicken pox infected with poison ivy. Unbelievably Contagious in every sense of the Word.

We see someone dreaming dreams, allowing their dreams to become a million different adjectives: Big, Wide, Limitless, Fast, Long, And Alive. But they have managed to fit all those adjectives into one very important verb: Follow. They Follow Their Heart. Their Dreams. Their “Once Upon a Times” and the “Ever Afters” that trail.

And if you have ever watched a dreamer dreaming dreams you will probably agree: The sight is absolutely irresistible.

I am on the cusp of my own dream coming true today and I am beginning to wonder whether our dreams belong to us, should we claim them? Or if we belong to them, should we become them?

Today I am on a northbound train with my iPod plugging some tune into my ears. Hopefully at a window seat. But I know I am singing to myself. A Different Song. A Song of Belonging. It makes no difference if my dreams belong to me or I belong to them. Either way, we made them come real.

I no longer dream of the city that stole my heart. Now I will live within it. Oh, New York City, don’t you remember me? I mean, you have stolen the hearts of a thousand Broadway stars and fashion interns who dream of Devils that wear Prada. But do you remember this little girl? I know you are overly busy being a modern-day Casanova with your tall buildings and your pulsating intersections, but have you the time to recall me?

I cannot promise you much. I will not be the first to write a melody about you, nor will I be the first to place a story setting amongst your parks and sidewalks. I will not be the first to come to you with dreams that have mentioned your name for Tiny Eternities. I will not be the first of anything to you, really.

But I swear, I will be brilliant. I will find ways to be remarkable. Wall Street won’t be my stomping grounds and Broadway does not need to know my name, but I will be wonderful in your presence, New York. You just wait and see…

* * *

Thank you, Hannah! I hope that this lovely young lady injected a new sense of inspiration into your Monday.

Have you followed a childhood dream? What was it and how did it feel? Was it everything you’d imagined it would be?


  1. Hi Hannah and Lucy,

    Best wishes for an amazing NYC adventure! Your personality will light up NYC even more.

    Yes, I always dreamed of being a singer as a child and sang constantly. Someone I encountered along the way to adulthood told me I couldn’t sing. I believed that person rather than believed in myself.

    Then I dated a guy who sang and encouraged me to sing. (an essay called Guys, Dolls and Gardening Gloves that appeared in Skirt!) I started taking lessons, going to karaoke nights, was even asked to be in a band! Felt like I was in heaven for five years. Not sure why but around that time my voice started to falter, first during singing, then speaking. I could barely speak for a few years. Visited many doctors, eventually adapting to my new non-singing life. Until …

    To make a long story short, I’ve been back singing for about four years. My singing voice is better than ever. I can hit notes not thought possible before the voice loss. When you lose something you love — in this case the ability to sing — it becomes more precious. I sing as much as I can because I have no idea how long my gift will stay with me this second time around.

    Enjoy it all!



  2. WOW my soul sister Hannah. How I do miss New York. What I would give to be on that train that carried me everyday from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back. One day soon I hope. One day sooner I pray.

    I love you Hannah Katy- soul sister. Go follow those dreams but don’t let them simply sit in your heart. Eat them, clothe them and drink them daily. Keep them fresh. When it gets tough, let them sustain you.

    I love you! Check out the two new posts I made today:) Think you’ll like them



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