words of wisdom: albert camus

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“In the midst of the darkest winter I found within myself an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus

Today, it is rainy and gray in Seattle. I’ve given up hope for an Indian summer and instead, I welcome the next season. Change is afoot in my home, my city, my country, the earth, the universe. Life is harsh. The collective stress of the world is a burden on the shoulders of everyone who is aware of it. The phrase, “ignorance is bliss” seems to be truer than ever.

But today is a new day. I can do whatever I want with it.

Today, I vow to stay positive. As my wise husband said last night, “the only thing constant is change.” And we know that change is less painful when we accept rather than resist.

Today, I will accept the craziness and the chaos and the storm and the enduring love all around me. I accept autumn. I accept my hardships. I accept my joy.

Today, I will find the invincible summer.

How do you find your invincible summer?


  1. Beautiful, inspiring words, both from your, your husband and Camus. The world is a harsh and ever-changing place, but throughout it all, if we can hold onto hope, then we are living our lives to the fullest.


  2. One of the nicest things living in NY is the change of seasons. It’s been a brutal summer so I’m looking forward to the fall, my favorite season. Gives me an excuse to clean out closets, etc. Stay positive!


  3. ooooohhh, one of my all time favorite quotes ever!!!! ever ever!! i may just have to post that on my facebook page sweet bella….p.s. fall is my absolute favorite season of the year!!!! i know most love summer, but i am an autumn girl all the way – xoxo


  4. Beautiful lines there Lucille… Accepting change is the first. i agree…. fighting changes hardly ever brings any good… all the best… i would like to exchange the Indian Summer with your Seattle weather though… anytime 😀


  5. I’m welcoming fall with open arms. But we have mild weather here, so for me, it’s a great change of pace. I feel like fall is a next beginning in a lot of ways.


  6. I love your optimism. Acceptance is the answer to all problems. There is literature in 12 step programs that says if something in your life is unsatisfying to you, don’t try to change that thing. Think about what needs to be changed in you. That’s exactly what you’re doing. Today I’m looking for the invincible summer by getting peaceful and listening for the universe to guide my energy to ways that I can be most useful to my students and my family. Thanks for always inspiring your readers! Love Wednesdays Words of Wisdom.


  7. I like Camus too—a guy who can see the bright side of Sisyphus. Although I live in LA now (where my blood thinned out immediately), I grew up in Chicago and the search for summer in winter made me think of black wet March branches budding against a flat white blanket of melting snow.


  8. Acceptance is indeed a powerful thing – have you ever read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle? Incredible, wonderful book, and accepting vs. reacting was a big theme – I think you’d enjoy it 🙂


  9. Zoloft.

    Umm, well, that was my first thought to your question. But, seriously? I try to remember the things I’m grateful for and do things that are comforting and restful for myself.


  10. I love the attitude and energy that you have expressed. Acceptance is key to allowing our life to unfold. I was recently involved in something that was filled with high drama and a friend turned to me and said, “Are you sorry that you got yourself involved in this” to which without hesitation I said “I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment”. This is acceptance. No regrets.


  11. some very good thoughts here. Positivity is what makes each day a delight. I would certainly like to delight in an Indian summer, but it’s not happening here either…oh, well, must find the positive: means I won’t sweat my makeup off…see, positive!


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