toward the goal of freedom

I read the following contemplation last night, and it spoke to me:

“Toward the goal of freedom, yogis have recognized two basic human strategies: The most well-known and commonly practiced strategy presumes that you’re not where you’re supposed to be and that there’s something to achieve in the future. So after lifetimes of hard work and much struggle, you may finally achieve it.

The second strategy involves the recognition that there’s nowhere to go and nothing to get. Everything is perfect exactly the way it is. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. If you wholeheartedly accept that possibility, a big relax can happen. And from this relaxation, an openness and receptivity to what is appears. From this openness, with no effort, you find yourself in the place you thought you had to work so hard to get to. Freedom: It was here all the time.

Many people choose the hard-work-and-struggle strategy. And if you’re one of them, all I can say is, good luck.”

~ from “Happy Yoga” by Steve Ross

Lately, I’ve been confined by the first strategy mentioned above. The hard-work-and-struggle. I’ve been stressed and unhappy and very rarely able to truly relax. I never feel as if I am good enough. I want to do more, have more, and be more.

What a sad way to live.

While I advocate the importance of dreaming dreams and following those dreams, I’d like to remind myself and my friends that we must not get too caught up in our dreams for the future. Otherwise we risk sacrificing our happiness in the present moment.

The best dream is the one that embodies my life today. Once upon a time, I dreamt of a loving relationship and children and now, this is what I have. Why do I focus on the dreams I have yet to achieve? It would be better if I could simply file away those dreams for the future and let them come true on their own. It’s happened before. Like when I fell in love with my husband. I wasn’t searching, I just stumbled upon him.

In letting go, we let things happen.

From now on, I choose the second strategy. I choose to recognize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

I am

A devoted mother and stepmother.

An adoring wife.

A struggling entrepreneur.

An aspiring writer.

A loving friend, daughter, and sister.

A healthy woman striving to raise a healthy family.

Exactly who I am supposed to be right now. At this age. On this day. At this moment in time.

Can you relate to one or both of these strategies toward freedom? Do you accept that you are where you are supposed to be right now?


    1. Thanks sweetie 🙂 You’re right! I said to my husband the other day – if I write novel after novel and no one reads them but a few of my loved ones, I will still consider myself successful.


  1. i love the wisdom in this, many get so busy in trying to “do” that they forget to just “be.”This post was very timely, it came amidst one of those days that feel a bit out of sorts, like I’ve been spinning my wheels all day trying to gets things accomplished and not succeeding….what a gentle reminder this was. I feel so refreshed as I realign and relax and go with the flow – and -purpose it in my heart to continue on in this invigoratingly sacred, deeply meaningful, NECESSARY, and rich personal journey towards living more fully…naturally…simply….and not wasting a single moment….keep shining sweet bella


    1. Usually when I get the “spinning my wheels” feeling, I try to recount everything that I’d been working on and I find that I accomplished more than I realized. You should try it. But no matter what, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. XOXO.


  2. I just found your blog recently, so hello!

    Great post, I too find myself struggling to accept the present moment and I love your list of recognizing where you are, I will try that as well.


  3. “While I advocate the importance of dreaming dreams and following those dreams, I’d like to remind myself and my friends that we must not get too caught up in our dreams for the future. Otherwise we risk sacrificing our happiness in the present moment.”

    Presence is key to living a good life – so often it’s easy to get caught up in the past (hurts, failings, regret) or the future (shoulds, whens, whys) we forget to live in t he moment. Great reminder 🙂


  4. I read this somewhere Lucille- “Get happiness out of your work or you may never know what happiness is” and i think it is so true… i agree with you.. i have a;most everything that i would yearned a few years back. i am working, preparing for my dreams, realising beautiful things every single day… it is time to focus on these things that i have… this moment may never come back.. why risk it then!

    all the best


  5. I wish I could accept the moment.. I really wish I could. It is just so hard sometimes. My mind often lives in the future and it takes away from the present. I need to work on centering myself more.


    1. It’s really very hard. When you’ve found yourself outside of the moment, it helps to think, “am I happy right now? and if not, what needs to change in me to be happy?” I don’t know why, but this works for me 🙂


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