this is love, for giovanna

Today marks eight months of life for my sweet baby girl (pictured above, chewing on a nectarine under close supervision). She is going to be one year old any day now. At least this is how I feel. Months pass by in a matter of moments.

But since she is a baby today and I want to revel in the deliciousness of new motherhood, I wrote a poem about it. Dedicated to my daughter, Giovanna. Not that I regularly write poetry, but I wish I did. So perhaps it’s time that I start.

Here it is, my heart on my sleeve.

This is love, For Giovanna

This is


At first meeting I knew

This is


From the womb to the breast

For comfort




This is


We are separate bodies

Separate souls

But overlapping.

A reflection

A dream

A reality.

The unknowing giver of


And fulfillment

And untainted,




Sheer amazement,

Utter fear.

The reason to


From baby

To girl

To woman.

Like my mother,

Like your mother,

Like you.


8 thoughts on “this is love, for giovanna

  1. This is so beautiful, so deeply felt. Giovanna (I *love* her name by the way) is adorable, and your poem truly captures that unbreakable maternal bond. I hope you do write more poetry in the future, as I for one look forward to reading it 🙂


  2. Wonderful poem. Poetry is great for capturing awe inspiring thoughts in so few words. I love the line about being separate people but overlapping. I feel this way about my children all the time. Now, as they’re growing older, I am letting go of them a little bit at a time, everyday. Nice to know that a part of me goes with them, and no matter how old they get, they’ll always have me.


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