have faith

My daughter’s middle name is Faith. Because yes it is pretty, but also because it is deeply meaningful to me. Because having faith is so necessary to enjoying the ride rather than struggling through it. Believing that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to means you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to worry about your career or your lack-of a career or your family’s health or car accidents or money.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now and the universe will deliver. Have faith in life, in your dreams. In your ability to create the life you want to live, and everything will seem so much easier. Life won’t be quite so overwhelming.

I want this for my daughter. I want her to have faith in all of these things. And in the inherent good of mankind and most of all, in herself. So, I gifted her the best reminder I knew how. Her middle name.

What reminds you to keep the faith?

Now, for a photo sequence of Giovanna learning to have faith in her legs.

watch what I can do

look, one hand!

this is fun


  1. I think (partly in response to above poster too) that having faith doesn’t necessarily = everything will be peachy keen 100% of the time. But it means that even when things aren’t so peachy keen (and even downright horrible), that you can’t let yourself totally give in to despair every second the rest of your life. Life is for living. And I think one way to (maybe?) interpret the many-faceted meanings on the word faith is to have faith that there is also good that can happen, sometimes even good can come out of the bad.

    And I am speaking as someone who lost a dear family member to negligent homicide <1 year ago. Despite that horror, I have faith that not all is lost. That there is still a lot of life to live for those left behind (and that there is good in it), and that perhaps there might even be good that comes out of this (e.g., doing advocacy work in policies that need to be changed, gaining perspective on things that actually matter).


    1. You are so right about everything. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for contributing and encouraging. Life is tough, but we must go on.


  2. Oh Lucille, it looks so good i hope that these things like faith and belief continue to remind themselves to me… i believe in the universe and its workings and the things like faith but they are some times which are overwhelming… the thing is no matter how much i believe in myself, people around me doubt my ability and it is like they are waiting for me to make a wrong move. as long as i am connected with people like them, it would be hard to continue with faith on a everyday basis..


  3. Such an important message, I think so often we can get overwhelmed by worrying about things that aren’t the way we’d like right now, but having faith that whatever is happening right now is happening because it’s supposed to, and it is all part of the path we are supposed to be on – really helps to remember 🙂

    Gorgeous pics, too!


  4. Look, I won’t lie, I have more hope than faith, maybe it’s because I am not a very religious person.
    But I also believe that the human mind can work miracles.

    If faith is half the battle for those who really get there with their beliefs, more power to them.

    The other truth to that is so many things are out of your own control in life, faith can keep you sane.

    Especially in the difficult moments of hardship or loss when it might be all you have left.


    1. You are right that faith is generally associated with religion, but I like to think that the most important faith we can have is in ourselves and the significance of our insignificant lives. We are miniscule specs in the universe, yet we still matter. Sometimes people lose sight of this fact, therefore losing faith in themselves… Religious faith is another matter. But, of course, that’s only my perspective! I guess that most people would wholly associate the word “faith” with religion.


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