girlfriends and discovery park, in pictures

Many moons ago, I fell in love with Discovery Park.

Many moons before that, I found true sisterhood with my girlfriends.

This weekend, the two came together, as my friends and I savored the presence of the one who lives on another continent. Far away from our physical bodies, but always in our hearts.

We celebrated the impending arrival of yet another little girl who is tumbling and growing in the sacred womb of her mother.

We poured out the thoughts occupying our minds, taking up precious space.

We listened intently and carefully.

We shared advice and wisdom.

We laughed and we cried.

We smiled for the camera, seeking to always remember these moments.

We reveled in the beauty of our friendships, the outdoors and one another.

What do you like to do with your friends? Do you have a favorite place where you convene? If so, what is it and why?


  1. What beautiful photos and what a special time you must have had. “Far away from our physical bodies, but always in our hearts” – I love that, especially because many of my closest friends remain back in England – the visits are so rare but subsequently that much more meaningful, and the place in my heart is that much deeper.


  2. What a lovely, sweet post – there’s nothing like time with girlfriends. Many of mine are scattered across the world now (and I’ve been guilty of being nomadic myself), and I know that feeling of a close friend being far away (physically but not spiritually:)).


  3. loved this post – there is simply nothing like girl talk!!! I especially love that “confidante” element of girl-friend friendships. Males don’t seem to enter in, in that way, you know? At least most of them don’t…there are definitely exceptions to the rule.

    But you get two women together over a cup of coffee and the sharing is immediate. Don’t you just love that?! do you know anyone who excels in that way ~ where you can say anything and they will add to it and usually take you beyond the point that you wanted to make. It’s so refreshing to have friends who keep you on your toes in conversation ~ Always pushing us to that higher level, desiring us to be more….. more alive, or more importantly, more AWAKE!

    Here’s to the amazing women in our lives…..*raising my glass* cheers sweet bella


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