1. I can’t get enough of books. Right now, I’m almost done with “the dead end gene pool” and am LOVING it.

    You would, too, about one of the RICHEST families in the US, and their dysfunctionality.

    Written so dang well.


    1. I can’t get enough either! I go crazy at book stores because I am too interested in everything. I try to stick to the library and the library’s book sales so that I can actually buy without feeling guilty.


  2. I admit that I hate reading. And even more, I really hate fiction. The books I read have been things like “Fast Food Nation,” which explores the birth of fast food chains and its effects on American industry and policy.


  3. I am such an avid reader – I must have gotten that from my grandfather, although he never formally finished school, he believed if you can read, you can teach yourself to do anything…and he did…..he was fluent in several languages, learned how to make stained glass, built a plane, got his pilot’s license, and so much more…..there wasn’t a lous l’amour or clive cussler book that he hadn’t read 2 or 3 times over….and there is nothing like finishing a marvelous book that you know you will love to read again…..


    1. I ordered She’s Come Undone. I (accidentally) have an Amazon Prime membership and the “buy now with one-click” makes buying books (and impulse shopping) far too easy.


  4. All time favorite!?

    I can’t just pick one…
    But a series I can read over and over is Harry Potter.

    I love, love, love Cold Mountain | Eat, Pray, Love | Widow for One Year | and the newest edition of loves – FINNY.


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