in the gray

Today, I stand in a cloud. The sun is still shining, but I cannot see her rays. Opaque clouds darken the sky and I do not mind one bit because I have faith in the sun.

I am enchanted by the beauty of this cloudy day. The shades of gray. The stark branches, glorious in their nudity. The trees grasping red and orange, striking in their brightness.

Withered leaves crunch beneath my feet. The air is crisp and cold and quiet. Birds sing clearly and church bells chime, the air remains still. The clouds are heavy, but I can walk through them.

I think, I am thankful to be alive on this day. In the quiet. In the stillness. In the gray.

Why do we find sadness in the rain, in the clouds? Tomorrow, the cloud will become water and the next day I will drink the water. The water will clean my feet and feed the earth.

Gray is not the color of melancholy, gray is the color of life. Of beauty and of wisdom. Gray skies and gray hairs and gray oceans. Out of grayness, comes the rainbow.


  1. Oh, this is beautiful, Lucy. Both the meaning and the photo.

    I invite you to submit it to Perfect Moment Monday this coming week. It’s been on a break while I took care of some business, but it’s set to return tomorrow night. This post is exactly what PMM is about — finding the perfection in seeming imperfection, by the power of awareness.

    Thanks for the reminder to enjoy all the colors.


  2. This is probably the best posts i have read lately. you are so true Lucille. i have wondered why people treat grey clouds as a melancholic thing. i have always loved them and the rain that follows… it is beautiful write that you have given us. I hope you continue to enjoy many more such days.


  3. Your poetic words invoked a beautiful feeling, and painted the perfect picture of a typical Seattle day- appreciated.
    I love your fresh look at gray…I agree- it seems the color enhances reflections, restores, soothes, and calms =) I also think it can inspire creativity…if you look at Seattle- we are a very artsy bunch!


  4. Oh, just lovely. Grey can be wonderful, it’s a soft colour, it makes me think of snuggling inside warmly. And so true, we’re alive and that itself is a tremendous thing to be grateful for.


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