1. Lucy, I loved your letter to yourself, what wisdom was brimming at 18 years of age….you wrote so magically then as you do now, such a beautiful soul you are….thank you for sharing this poignant piece with us – you speak TRUTH – money isn’t good or bad, it comes and it goes – and God will always provide what we need…keep shining sweet bella


  2. Oh goodness, I would probably tell my 18 year old self to have a little self respect and not go out with douchebags just for the sake of going out with someone. I would also say stop being so afraid, because fear is a choice and should not rule your life!


  3. What a beautiful letter – so full of wisdom. I wish I could turn back time and send something like this to the real 18 year old me. (Especially that bit about picking one’s college major, and the aftermath.) Thank you for sharing this!


    1. Haha. I should have been clearer. I WISH I had such wisdom at 18 years old! I wrote it now (actually, a few months ago) to my younger self. Glad you enjoyed.


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