an unusually scary santa

This weekend, my husband and I contemplated taking our little ones to Santa for pictures. As true to our whimsical nature, we ended up in a different part of town, this idea abandoned.

But Santa, ever the man of miracles, found us anyways.

Giovanna cried almost immediately and Emile refused to get close to the guy. Can’t say I blamed them.

At least the pictures were free.

Yes, she is wearing a Christmas sweater. No, I did not brush her hair.

I don’t know about this, mom.

Please notice the pillow behind them.


  1. Lu! We went last weekend to see Santa and lala immediately freaked out- bright red, tears streaming down her chubby little cheeks… I couldn’t help but think it was so cute: ) We decided to do a family picture every year so we could see how much we change. I was forced to sit on Santa’s lap to calm Shayla. She was totally content after that. Do you have big plans for the holidays? Would love to see that beautiful family of yours: )


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