little girl, i love everything about you

My dear Giovanna,

To commemorate your first birthday, let me remind you a few of the infinite ways I love you…

I love how you greet Daddy and I each morning with an infectious smile.

I love how you squeal in delight at the sight of your big brother.

I love how you smile widely at strangers.

I love how you bury your face into my shoulder when you are feeling shy.

I love how you get into things with such determination.

I love how you sleep like an angel.

I love how you talk with plenty of ba’s and da’s and ma’s and na’s.

I love it when you pull every card out of my wallet with such interest.

I love it when you explore my closet.

I love it when you crawl across the room to see me, all the while saying, “mama.”

I love it when you climb up my leg.

I love it when you reach out both arms for me.

I love it when you play peek-a-boo.

I love it when you give wide open-mouthed baby kisses.

I love your melodious giggle.

I love your honeyed baby voice.

I love the juicy chubbiness of your legs.

I love the rolls on your wrists.

I love the roundness of your tummy.

I love the curls on your head.

I love the wonder in your eyes.

I love the focus of your long fingers.

I love the softness of your cheeks.

I love the sweetness of your gaze.

I love the smell of your neck.

And so much more in words that I cannot begin to express.

Little girl, I love everything about you. I love you, I love you, and I’ll say it again forever and ever. I love you.

Happy first birthday. Here’s to the journey before us.




  1. Aww. This is too sweet! Happy belated birthday, Giovanna. And, Lucy, you and I have survived a year of motherhood, which is no small feat! To many more years and birthdays!


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