keep calm and carry on

My dear cousin, also a mother of a one-year old, pointed out to me that my blog glosses over the tough spots in motherhood, and also, life. Since she has the inside scoop, she knows my struggles and challenges, which I generally don’t share on the internet. Some things are too personal, too private, too sacred to bare to the world. At least for me.

I prefer to show you the lighter side of myself. My love and my happiness and my inspiration. Our thoughts and words become our lives. If I love deeply enough and smile often enough, I believe my reality will flourish.

Still, it is impossible to sweep away all of the negative thoughts and experiences. In fact, we have little control over our lives, which is why I seek the art of letting go.

And yet, I do have control over some things. Like this blog. And I choose to keep it a positive space full of light and uplifting energy.

Motherhood presents a variety of unique challenges on a near-daily basis. Sometimes, you reach the so-called end of your rope and you want to cry or scream or something worse. Usually, you don’t do any of those things. Despite insistent claims to your husband and yourself that you are about to lose it.

Instead, you keep calm and carry on. Like the poster says. Which King George VI commissioned at the beginning of World War II to alleviate the panic and fear among the citizens of England. (And which I recently purchased.)

Life will always be full of challenges. There’s no way around it. The greatest challenge of all is to stay composed in the face of the storm. To learn from the mistakes and the tears. To find happiness in spite of (and sometimes because of) your sorrows.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here to remind you.

Life is beautiful.

Keep calm and carry on.

As for me? I’m just grateful to love the smell of incense so that the aroma of doggy diarrhea lingering in the air (and my short-term memory) isn’t quite so painful.


  1. Well said! Glad to hear you finally got to watch your first movie since G’s been born??! How can I get a copy of that poster? xxxooo


  2. So true. A dear friend of mine who had her two kids only 15 months apart said to always laugh when you feel like crying. I think it is great advice.

    Sometimes when the dog is barking (or diarrhea-ing in your case), both kids are crying, and dinner is burning on the stove you really do have to just laugh at how RIDICULOUS it all is! Sounds hard to believe, but we will miss this someday.

    Does Giovanna walk? I know for me, the point that they start walking is when they enter the phase I really do not enjoy. From like age 1 to 2 I was just NOT enjoying Motherhood. It is only slightly more bearable this time around 😦


  3. What’s funny is that whenever I come to your blog, I feel relaxed and normal. You don’t paint a superficial, “everything’s grand” picture of motherhood, but at the same time, you don’t take the “woe is me” approach either. I love you and your blog for that! I just wrote a post about what types of blogs I am drawn to. Check it out when you get a chance, and share your thoughts. I hope you are having a great day.


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