living for your highest self

The old blog tagline: “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

This quote inspired me years ago when my best friend since age 11 gave me a whimsical ceramic wall hanging etched with these words. She was shedding her earthly possessions in preparations for an indefinite trip around the world.

I cherished these words, allowed them to inspire my blog, and later hung them in my childrens’ room next to a ceramic wall hanging of the same variety, from the same best friend and with equally important advice: “follow your heart.” The colorful beads adorning the wall hangings attract a child’s attention like bees to sweet flowers.

Perfect inspiration for a bedroom.

Until Giovanna, riding around in my arms as per usual, got her long little fingers around it, subsequently dropping the wall hanging on the ground and breaking it into two pieces. I was disappointed, but like the wall hanging, not shattered. I would superglue it back together.

When I finally got around to buying the superglue, the two broken ceramic pieces would not stick back together. And in the process, the glass tore into my palm, unleashing a minor yet annoying stream of blood.

I knew it was a sign.

As if the broken glass and it’s unwillingness to be glued back together weren’t enough, my bloody hand was the last straw.

If you’ve been here for a while, you may have noticed that this blog has begun to traverse down a spiritual path and the new tagline reflects this journey. My vision is that this site will inspire you to live life for your truest, highest self, for it is in this place where we are most peaceful and happy. And what is our existence worth if it is not a healthy and happy one?

The new tagline is “living for your highest self.”

What do you think? Honest opinions are always appreciated.

Special thanks to my helpful and supportive husband for changing my header for me.


  1. I greatly approve of the new header…. as I’m on this same journey.
    Incidentally, last week I dropped one of the same wall hangings with a different quote ‘ laugh’. Although I could mend it, a chunk was missing in the fault line making the fix look tacky. With difficulty, I tossed it. I could have tried to match the paint but the imperfection would have been visible. The lesson for me? Stop tolerating ‘less than’ in your life. You are worth the very best.


  2. I love the tag line! What is more important than living for your highest self? We will be several versions of ourselves throughout this life, changing and evolving through our experiences. We should all strive to evolve into the best version of that self!


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