the beauty of the human body

“The beauty of the human body is its ability to recover itself.” —  Dr. Oz

It’s never too late to treat your body right. Even after years of abuse, anyone can recover good health and, you know, live happily ever after. Or at least longer.

Treating your body right is a form of self-love. Self-love and health go hand-in-hand. As your health improves, you feel greater self-love. And as you learn to fully love yourself, you learn to take care of yourself

It’s practically a novel concept: we need to cultivate love for ourselves. If you truly love yourself, you will give yourself only the very best thoughts, foods, activities, friends.

No matter whether you start with self-love or with a healthy lifestyle, as long as you are truly committed, you will end up in the same place. Your human body will thank you, and you will thank your human body.

What will you today for your health and/or to demonstrate self-love?

As for me, I exercised this morning and I am meeting a dear friend for tea later. Good for the body and the soul.


  1. I drank some yummy green tea and listened to some of my favorite music today. I’ve found if I take good are of myself, good things start to happen in my life. I must be sending some strong positive vibes. :). Great post Lucy!


  2. I love this entry because it’s true. Today I made my self a fresh juice full of healthy greens and a bit of ginger (love that kick). I did 2 miles at my favorite park and then I spent a few hours doing spur of the moment stuff (like go kart riding) with my boyfriend. We laughed our butts off- total soul food. Happy Monday to you, wise woman!!! 🙂


  3. I have been doing Yoga about 3 times a week lately. Trust, me this is the most exercise ever in my life. But today, I didn’t. In fact, I’ve done nothing for my body or soul today and your post helped me realize I must! I have to get off this computer and go relax.


  4. I have green tea and I walk and I make sure that i eat good food like fruits for which i’d die for… I sing or hum all the time to maintain my sanity. I learnt that whatever we do for our body, it will reciprocate it back and that it is our best ally. Love it and it will love us.


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