our worst health habits

via iVillage.com
via iVillage.com

Yesterday, I brought up the human body’s amazing ability to recover itself. Because of this fact, anyone and everyone can find good health. Good health leads to self-love and vice versa. Self-love is essential to your true self. Like the Beatles sang, all you need is love.

This is great, but how do we get to good health? Where do we even start?

The first step to recovery is recognition. Name your weaknesses and you’ve already started the healing process.

After a major overhaul of my inbox, most newsletters remain unsubscribed. Yet iVillage Health has endured. Today’s article exposing America’s 9 worst health habits was a good reminder of why I still allow iVillage into my inbox.

Below is a brief summary. Please click over to the full article for more details, including advice on how to “fix” this habit. (If only it were so easy.)

1. we aren’t exercising (only 5% of Americans get regular, vigorous exercise according to a new study)

2. we’re forgetting our five-a-day (that’s fruits and vegetables, people! I prefer fresh and organic)

3. we complain too much (ouch)

4. we’re always indoors (no substitute for the real thing, but a vitamin D supplement helps)

5. we eat for the wrong reasons (that would be me)

6. we sip too much soda (yuck. how is soda even considered a food? i ditched diet coke once and for all at the beginning of my pregnancy and i’ve never wanted to look back!)

7. we super-size our stress (preaching to the choir)

8. we don’t get enough sleep (this one makes me teary-eyed)

9. we watch too much TV (amen)

Let’s hear it. American or not, which one(s) are you guilty of?

As for me…#5, #7, #9, sometimes #3. And I consider myself to be a healthy person. Seriously!

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