a relationship with yourself

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“Until your fundamental relationship with yourself is healed, then your relationship to food is doomed to be neurotic.”

~ Marianne Williamson in “A Course in Weight Loss”

Here’s a person, wise and famed, expressing the theme of of self-love leading to healthy habits and vice versa (mentioned last week here and here).

To live for our highest self is to be at our best health, living healthfully is a show of self-love, and we must possess plenty of self-love to live healthfully. A good relationship with yourself. If you have neither self-love nor good health, you are not living your best life.

Today is Sunday and a new week dawns upon us. A week for love and lovers, chocolate and roses. So American, so commercialized, so over-the-top and yet so irresistible.

This year, make Valentine’s Day about self-love. Loving your self. Being your own Valentine. (Although try not to forget about your spouse/partner/lover/children in the process.) Treating yourself to simple luxuries and at least one that is extraordinary.

If you feel guilty, remember this: you are a gentle creature, navigating your way through an unforgiving world. It’s a jungle out there and life is not easy. You deserve as much TLC as you can get. Don’t be shy. Show yourself some real loving.

Are you convinced yet? What will you do for yourself this week?

As for me, I don’t know yet. Something good and lots of little things, and I will be sharing. On Twitter with hash tag #selflove and on this blog!


  1. Hey there!!!!!! tks for stopping by us!!!!!
    Il est bien sympa ton blog….je suis at home becauz gastro…donc pas le choix que de m’occuper de moi!!!!! et puis je viens de m’acheter une nouvelle voiture…si c’est pas du cadeau ça!!!!! Bonne journee Lucy


    1. merci! une novelle voiture est le cadeau parfait. je dois pratiquer écrire en français avec vous. il y a un longtemps que j’ai visité la France.


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