a pretty view and a poem about heartprints

Lake Washington

We, as modern humans (and especially Americans), are often so busy rushing here and there that we forget to marvel at the beauty all around us. We fail to see the awe-inspiring monstrosity of the mountains or the serene simplicity of the water or the stillness of the world when viewed from a distance.

Today, I stopped to notice. When I drove by a view that literally took my breathe away, I pulled over to savor it and capture the moment with my iPhone camera (see above). I left with a renewed sense of peace.

Have a happy pre-Valentine weekend. Hope it’s full of beautiful views and tender heartprints.


Whatever our hands touch –

We leave fingerprints!

On walls, on furniture

On doorknobs, dishes, books.

There’s no escape.

As we touch we leave our identity.

Wherever I go today

Help me leave heartprints!

Heartprints of compassion

Of understanding and love.

Heartprints of kindness

And genuine concern.

May my heart touch a lonely neighbor

Or a runaway daughter

Or an anxious mother

Or perhaps an aged grandfather.

Send me out today

To leave heartprints.

And if someone should say,

“I felt your touch,”

May they also sense the love

that is deep within my heart.

~ author unknown


  1. beautiful pic and beautiful poem as well, really put my heart in a groove of emotion that has me with a big kool aid grin on my face 🙂

    happy valentine’s day bella, you are lovely!!!


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