a request for those lost in the quake: don’t let them die in vain

The global community mourns for our brothers and sisters lost in the March 10, 2011 earthquake in Japan. The elements, once again, demonstrated their power. Mother Earth reminded her people that we are merely guests on this lush yet harsh planet.

The people who died are okay. They took the fast track to the after-life. It’s the ones left behind who are in pain, hurting for those whose lives were cut short, whose bodies will forever remain mere shells of their former selves, whose eyes have closed for the last time, never again to witness the mysterious shades of a sunset or the intricacy of a newborn baby.

Why does death make us so sad?

Because we are lovers of life and of each other. We are distracted by the immediacy of human life, thereby forgetting the deeper part of ourselves. Our spirit selves. We are not human in our souls. We are spirit beings having a human experience. Yet this human experience feels so real, so vastly important, our spirit beings are masked. The meaning of life is forgotten by those still breathing. We are here to manifest love and joy.

An estimated ten thousand people died in the earthquake, a blameless natural disaster. We could not predict nor could we control the earth, we are merely her guests.

We can mourn and we can drown in our tears. We can fret about the world coming to an end. We can fear the wrath of Mother Earth who, like most mothers, does not take abuse from her children without fighting back. We can wallow.

Or we can allow this disaster to make us grateful for today. We can transmit love to the living creatures all around us. We can plant a tree or help a friend in need or support an environmental organization. We can volunteer and we can promote peace in our communities. We are guests on this earth but for a fleeting moment, and the only control we have is over our individual thoughts, actions and words. This is not a lot of control, but it is all we need.

If we let the earthquake be a reminder to live each day to the fullest, then ten thousand people did not die in vain. If we rejoice in the rain drops that are still falling from the sky and the comfort of a good meal and the innocent children unburdened by worry, then we will also not die in vain.

Today, as billions of people are mourning, billions of lives also go on. You go on.



  1. These past events of this year have been hinting at something so vital… and it is essential for us who live to carry on that beacon that life is precious. The devastation looks incredible… so difficult to know from where to begin. I hope that the world wakes up to a better tomorrow… that there will be a better news.


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