the life of a blogger

Blogging is not an easy gig. As bloggers, we put our hearts and souls into our sites, hoping to stand out among millions of others. We pray for comments, for traffic, and most of all, for an audience. Vying for attention, subscribers, and just a sliver of your time.

Blogging is also satisfying. The ability to publish words with a click of the button. A writer’s dream.

Blogging is frustrating. Growth is not predictable. Most bloggers are never paid, at least not with money. Blogging can consume you and leave you feeling lost without a cause.

In spite of (or perhaps because of?) the challenges, I love to blog. Even when I take a break from posting, which I do when life overwhelms, my blog is never far from my heart.

Blogging is challenging. No matter how many days, weeks, months we spend creating and refining our blogs, there is always room for improvement. Always. Like people, blogs must evolve and change.

Please help me improve this blog. What kind of posts do you enjoy reading on Lucille in the Sky?


1. Spirituality. For example:


2. Collection of wisdom and poetry:


3. Book/Product recommendations:


4. Mothering:


5. Photography:


6. Health:


7. Personal Stories/Opinions:


8. Original Fiction/Poetry


Tell me, what do you like? What do you not like? Don’t be shy.

Spirituality, Wisdom & Poetry, Book/Product Recommendations, Mothering, Photography, Health, Personal Stories/Opinions, or Original Fiction/Poetry?


  1. Lucy,
    That is a hard pick, because I like them all. Your right about blogging evolving and changing, and I like to read that change happen in all aspects of a persons life. That is what moved me to read blogs, was their change. I do however love your tittles.


  2. honestly lucy, I love how you blend it all together, how you share everything about this life journey and what makes it YOUR journey and taking us with you……..keep shining sweet bella


  3. Lucy, I LOVE the way you organize it now. I love it when you write about yourself, health, spirituality, food, inspiration and family (plus I like to see how lil Gia is doing!). It’s always fun to see what you are writing about.
    Keep up the fantastic work. 🙂


  4. I usually come to your blog for your mothering post, but I always enjoy being enraptured in some other post on healthy living or inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing, you are doing a great job!


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