the first flowers of spring

I took baby girl to the park today and she sat in the field, delicately picking flowers from the grass and petals from the flowers. My social butterfly became a flower child, too enthralled with the beauties springing forth from the earth to acknowledge another baby wanting to play.

Meanwhile, I laid in the grass and felt the sun on my face and rejoiced in the new season.

Have you officially or unofficially welcomed Spring? Please share!


  1. Well hello spring… doesn’t she look so so cute sitting there like that… We actually switch from winter to summers directly. The few days of spring do not look like spring because the temperature is already high reminding us of the summers ahead. But I am enjoying my spring dresses.


  2. OH! She has grown.

    I canNOT wait for the warm weather.

    I do really want to move…we have missed out on so much life b/c of the 6 months of cold weather, snow, ice.

    This photo makes me miss the sun.

    Soo nice to reconnect! Thank you for coming by, really.


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