never give up

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I’m like one of those hyperactive children who can’t keep their eye on one task for too long without getting bored. Not one of my finer qualities.

One week, I am hitting up potential vendors left and right, determined to sell some organic artisan remedy teas. Herbal Philosophy Teas.

The next week, I am busting out blog entries for a certain extra special yet-to-be-announced boot company.

Then, all I can do for weeks on end is write. Fiction. Non-fiction. Works in process include a novel,  a screenplay, a few short stories.

Then, I get inspired by all you super cool bloggers out there and I just want to blog. Share and communicate and love on each other.

Somehow, in the midst of these projects, I decide that my family needs to move. I decide we need to scour the city’s real estate market and make a move. Or build a house in the woods and grow our own vegetables.

All the while, my first priority is to be a good mama, stepmama, and wife.  Three distinct, complicated, perfect roles. The bread and butter of life.

There are so many balls in the air. So many dreams, so many paths to juggle, throwing every one up in the air and watching them float in circles around me, catching each as it falls, praying I don’t lose track and let one hit the ground. Too distracted by my real life to keep everything in constant motion. Too many ideas, too little time. I must remember to be gentle with myself.

Luckily, there’s a philosophy behind all of this. A knowing that life will bring you something great, beyond your wildest dreams even, if you are ready for it. If you take baby steps towards your goals, staying focused and trusting in your higher power. The rest will take care of itself. Opportunities will present themselves, and luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

Discouragement does not serve us well, but still it comes, usually when we’re too hard on ourselves. It makes me forget why I get out of bed in the first place, which is for my family, my loved ones. The other things, the projects and businesses and goals, are close to my heart, but my family and friends, they are my heart.

People, all you people, are my heart. It is because of my desire to touch lives that I will never give up. The following poem by the Dalai Lama is pinned to the center of my inspiration board. I hope you enjoy it like I do.


Never give up

No matter what is going on

Never give up


Develop the heart

Too much energy in your country

Is spent developing the mind

Instead of the heart

Develop the heart


Be compassionate


Not just with your friends

But with everyone


Be compassionate


Work for peace

In your heart

And in the world

Work for peace


And I say again

Never give up

No matter what is going on around you

Never give up


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  1. I like that.
    I used to feel a lot like you describe, so much opportunity in life, how to decide.
    Then I got married, bought a house and had babies (and turned 30) now I feel a lot more focused. As you are married with a house and a baby, I can only assume turning 30 is the mind changing change.


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