a traveling blogger with a baby

After motherhood and writing, traveling is my passion. Never am I more spirited than when I am thrown into an unfamiliar city with a map, a bicycle, a camera, and a notebook.

Combine the three; traveling and writing and motherhood, and I am in bliss.

I am blessed to be blissful in the upcoming month. Specifically in the cities of Amsterdam and Paris and the island-nation of Iceland. This blog will turn into something of a travel journal and I hope you come along for the ride.

Here are some books we have collected to be our guide:

We know that European restaurants do not provide high chairs. We also know that a long plane ride and new beds will be a challenge with our busy, demanding, sweet as honey 14 month old baby. We are going to bring two of her favorite books:


And an ingenious portable high chair:

We are staying with one of my closest friends in Amsterdam, and in another dear friend’s dreamy apartment in Paris. Our Reykjavik abode is yet to be determined. I like to leave as much as possible unplanned to allow for the undiscovered. The unexpected lessons, challenges and epiphanies inherent in traveling, whether you’re going across the state or the planet.

The only plans I make in advance are to eat plenty of bread and cheese, sleep late, look at art, absorb the cafe culture, gather inspiration, wander aimlessly, live in the moment, ride bicycles, take photographs, and BLOG. I haven’t travel blogged since 2007 when I wrote lucy’s adventures about my life in Thailand. This blog will become host to my travel journal, “Europe 2011.” Original, I know.

But first, I must learn how to pack a suitcase without overpacking.

Any advice on traveling internationally with a busy toddler? Any must-sees or must-dos you can recommend in these cities?



    1. We are definitely NOT bringing cloth diapers. I have a few sposies on hand and we’ll buy more over there. And yes, I am quite grateful to be nursing. Now I just pray that we score an extra seat and Giovanna is able to sleep on the plane!


  1. This is such an amazing experience! I would never have the guts to do it because I’m just too uptight, BUT I *almost* want to take a trip like this just to buy that super awesome high chair wrap!


  2. This sounds like it will be fun! My husband is preventing us from leaving the country. He thinks Nya is too young, but, I this age is perfect because they enjoy learning so much from the world around them! I can’t wait to follow your journey!


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