a treasure hunt in paris

For me, shopping in Paris was like a treasure hunt for a box of chocolates. (See photo below of the best chocolate shop in France — Maison Georges Larnicol.) You never know what you’re going to get, where it is or when you’ll find it.


You’re divided between department stores and street vendors and boutiques.



You take frequent breaks for refueling, whether this is at a sidewalk cafe or high above the city, looking across the rooftops from the Pompidou Centre.





You start to become familiar with the alluring yet repetitive images from the city’s hottest brands.


You do anything and everything to keep your 14 month old baby happy, making numerous phone calls to Grandma on a plastic phone or nursing her in the park.





Mostly, you prefer to look and touch rather than buy.


Sometimes, when you bring along your toddler, you have to leave a store as soon as you arrived. But you don’t mind. Because when you’re on vacation in Paris, there’s nothing to do, nothing to be left undone.

When you get home after a long day, it’s not time to cook or clean or work, it’s time to relax.


Reaping the rewards of your labor, savoring the chocolate before the baby gets to it.




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