writers group

Since a lot of bloggers are also writers, I’d like to know, do you participate in a writers group? Or do you have a few special someones who regularly review your work? A friend, spouse, colleague, even an editor?

I have all sorts of words spouting forth from my fingertips, and a few people whom I send my work to for edits. But let’s be honest…who has time to hanker down with a red pen and their daughter’s/wife’s/friend’s endless stream of words? Sure, they give me edits and cheer me on, which I appreciate more than they know. What I crave, however, is an honest to goodness critique.

Last night, I dug up an email older than my daughter and hit “reply all,” asking former screenwriting classmates if they would be interested in re-igniting our long lost writers group (which only met once outside of class, but that’s not the point).

For many reasons, publishing to the internet seems easier than reading my work aloud to a group of humans. Know what I mean? In the name of old dreams and new beginnings, I think it’s about time I stop being shy and start putting myself out there.

I’ll keep you posted.


  1. The Red Dress Club has served that purpose for me – sometimes. Sometimes I wish there were more concrit in the comments left. Sometimes I’m just too intimidated to link up. Sometimes I don’t get any feedback at all.

    It’s ALWAYS a good idea to go for peer review. Go you!


    1. I have also enjoyed the Red Dress Club, but I think I need something face to face. Like you said, it can be difficult to get feedback on the internet.


  2. Hi it’s been a while since I’ve visited your site. You’re right in that I have met many bloggers who of course love to write as well. Is the writers group solely pros writing or did it include poets as well. I am a poet. I have been meaning to write another book but of course my 2 blogs (One on marriages and one on altruistic giving) and my foundation keeps me busy. I’ll try not to stay away too long as I have always admired your site.


  3. I am an aspiring writer, and belong to a support group site, fictionpress.com. It has helped me sooo much. I too, am looking for critque other then my sister who can be a little harsh sometimes…
    but yes to the writing group!


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