my mother’s spring blooms

I have so many thoughts swirling in and out of my consciousness…thoughts about motherhood and careers and the little beauties of life.

Such as the dilemma of sleep. When to co-sleep, when to move her to her own bed. When to night wean, when to nurse around the clock. When to let her cry, when to hold her close.

There’s the other dilemma of time. Not enough time to give each project its proper chance. Wondering, if I close my eyes and jump, will I drown or will I keep my head above water? Praying and trusting that if I take it one day at a time, one moment at a time, everything will always be okay.

Then there are the simple things that don’t offer any problems, only pleasures. A soothing, fragrant cup of tea. Games of peek-a-boo and tickles. Quiet time in the rocking chair, nursing and meditating and breathing. Lunch with good friends. Shopping for food and preparing fresh, colorful meals. Long kisses. A walk through my mother’s spring blooms.




(She’s always loved dirt.)





  1. Oh, sensation lilacs are my most favorite. I bought one years ago and it’s been struggling sadly in a corner, finally this year it bloomed and it’s not sensation, just purple. I still like it.
    I am sorry you are still struggling with nighttimes. It will get resolved one day, promise.


  2. Beautiful pics and a beautifully written piece. As women, juggling motherhood, careers, being good spouses and “ALL” it can be crazy … so like you I just take one day at a time praying the new day will just unfold and try to enjoy the moment and the little things in life.


  3. Hi Lucy,

    Found your blog on another bloggers list of faves and your thumbnail pic intrigued me.

    Lovely blog.
    And funny…my dad asked me just last week to take photos of his own flowers. They look an awful lot like these.



    1. How lovely! My mom was also very adamant that I needed to come over and take pictures of her flowers 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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