emile is 5

Today, Emile is celebrating his fifth birthday.

I started dating James when Emile was 2. He was the cutest little toddler. Caramel brown skin and golden hair. Thick black eyelashes framing beautiful Eastern-shaped eyes. A sweet, determined demeanor with an affinity for stuffed animals, Thomas the Train, and his thumb. He let me carry him around the first night I met him. James was lucky he had an adorable son to help woo me. Or as Emile says, “we’re all lucky.”

Emile is starting kindergarten in the fall. He is a creative soul and a lover of beauty. Our house is full of art projects created by Emile. Every time we go outside, he comes back with a flower for me. He is still determined, still sweet as honey. We taught him how to ride a bike a few weeks ago. He threatened to give up, but he never did, and by the time we arrived home, he was coasting.

Happy birthday, little sweetheart. I love you like only a gift-mother can.








    1. Mandy, I was looking at your business card earlier today and thinking about how I want to visit your site! It was so nice to meet you 🙂


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