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Today is the day I re-focus my attention on my business. Which means I won’t be posting here very often, if at all. My energy is being scattered among too many responsibilities and I have to cut back.

That’s it. I love this blog, but I can no longer pretend I have time for it.

I may pop up from time to time, if I have a burning thought or an exceptional photograph to share… But I’m going to try not to. (Hopefully I don’t change my mind tomorrow, but you never know because I don’t like following rules, especially self-imposed ones.)

One more thing. I’m not really going anywhere. You can find me at Herbal Philosophy Teas, where I’ll be blogging about herbal remedy teas and all things organic, healthy and crunchy.

I’ll be tweeting from both @lucilleinthesky and @herbphilosophy.

I will remember you, my readers, in my nightly prayers. And don’t forget to Subscribe to Herbal Philosophy by Email.


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