sand between my toes

Cannon Beach, Oregon is one of those sleepy seaside villages that makes you forget about impending deadlines and makes you remember how integral the salty smell of the ocean is to your state of mind.




Cannon Beach reminds you how delicious a simple pink jewel of saltwater taffy can taste and how soft your feet feel after they’ve walked a mile in white sand.



Cannon Beach, and its legendary Haystack rock, leaves you in awe over the mystery of Mother Earth and how she manages to build mountains, dig oceans and create life.






After you leave Cannon Beach, you can still feel the taffy in your teeth, the ocean in your blood and the sand between your toes. You leave, but you don’t have to leave the way the beach makes you feel. You can take your peace of mind with you, all the way home.


    1. We are inexplicably drawn to the ocean, aren’t we? As for the sleepy monk, the coffee was perfect and there was a permanent line out the door!


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