she thinks fast & wordless wednesday: little fingers & little oranges

One of my favorite bloggers, Kristin at Peace, Love and Muesli, started a new meme, She Who Thinks Fastest, Wins. Basically it’s an opportunity to share all of the ingenious ideas, solutions and “wins” we have as mothers. Even the simplest victories are significant in mommyland, and they should be celebrated.

Here’s mine. The other day, my kids wanted oranges. I wanted a few minutes. I set them up with some little oranges (Trader Joe’s Josies) and a bowl for the peels and they became so involved in peeling the oranges with their little fingers that they didn’t make any noise(!!!). Ten minutes of peace and quiet is a lifetime in mommyland. Never mind that the bowl of orange peels was quickly dumped all over the floor.

This new game of peeling oranges keeps Gigi busy just about anywhere. Thanks to the second meme of the day, And Then, She Snapped Wordless Wednesdays But With Words, you can see what I mean.

and then, she {snapped}



    1. I know! My baby is a full-fledged trouble-making toddler. I can barely keep up.

      I will admit that I know nothing about instagram except for that I like the way it makes my pictures look. I think my ID is lucilleinthesky.


    1. The bathing suit is from Old Navy, which is officially my favorite store for kids clothes. As far as the fast thinking…I am getting better 😉


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