a baby update: gigi at one and a half

Giovanna is walking the fine line between babyhood and girlhood. She is most certainly a baby in many ways; she has limited communication, she does not like to self-soothe, she relishes in the comfort of my breast, she requires a lot of love and cuddles to fall asleep, and she often wants to be carried around. Unless she is running in the other direction, as fast as possible. The girl is independent. At the playground, she is not shy, nor is she very cautious, preferring the big kid swing to the baby swing, although she is starting to learn the value in waiting for mommy to go down the big slides.

She’s a little mama. She loves her baby doll and pushing around any of her inanimate friends in the baby-doll-sized stroller. She likes to talk on the phone, whether it be a plastic phone, a cell phone, or a remote control. When she gets her chubby little fingers around a set of keys, she tries to first unlock the front door, and then she tries to hide the keys. The other morning we spent an hour looking for keys Miss Gigi had hidden in a house plant.

When Giovanna is in a kissy mood, she doles them out freely, kissing mama then kissing dadda then mama then dada and so on. She loves babies, and she will hug and pat any baby who will let her. She doesn’t like to sit still, unless she’s trying to figure something out, whether it be the velcro closure on her shoes or fastening a belt buckle or blowing bubbles with a long bubble wand. She likes to draw, with both markers and crayons, preferably on the wall or ground.

She dances to the rhythm and she sings on tune. She has the melody of a few songs mastered, and she makes up her own words, including but not limited to “mama mama,” “daddy daddy,” “baby baby” and “ba ba ba ba.” (Imagine “Ba Ba Black Sheep” sung with the words, “nummy nummy, nummy nummy!”) She has so many words now, I cannot keep track of them. Some of my newest favorites include yucky, here, thank you, and of course, Gigi.

She likes to clean, whether its her face with a wash cloth, her bottom with a wipe, or the floor with a broom. Which is a boon because she also likes to throw food on the ground. (Once she’s finished with it, that is.) If anyone knows how to stop a toddler from throwing food without starving the child, please tell me your secret.

Besides mom and dad, Giovanna’s current best friend is Emile. Although they have their differences, as most siblings do, these two are not shy about expressing their love for one another. And when big brother is too rough, Gigi is also not afraid to stand up for herself. The girl can hold her own. James and I have learned that we can never, under any circumstances, leave these two alone, or else mischief is guaranteed to ensue.


  1. Oh, Gigi sounds so much like Nya that it’s scary! She loves the phone, babies in strollers, and, usually, falling head first on the big kid slides. Nya just turned 19 months on this past Sunday, so I am assuming Gigi is not too far behind. If I remember correctly, isn’t her birthday January 30th?

    Wow. It’s amazing how quickly time has flown by. While nostalgic for what once was, I am enjoying this time in her life. They’re so much fun, aren’t they?

    I love the piano pictures, too!


    1. Don’t you live in DC? I hope everything is okay! Speaking of, I wish we lived closer because I bet Gigi and Nya would be great friends. Her birthday is January 20th, so she is technically 19 months now 🙂 When is Nya’s?


  2. What excellent photos! My favorite is backs at the piano! About throwing food. I have a no food throwing policy which is one of the few things I’m strict about. I find that they do this most in high chairs and so we never did a high chair. Kids prefer to be tied to a booster at the big table. If that doesn’t work, I suggest take her onto your lap for meals for a little while and help her eat like a big person until she forgets about that food throwing phase. 🙂 I sent that info to two other MM’s and they both said it worked. 🙂


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