summer, lately

If you’re a Facebook fan of Herbal Philosophy Teas, you probably know by now that our teas are officially on the shelves of a Whole Foods Store in Seattle. (Will someone please pinch me so I know I’m not sleepwalking?)

We made some subtle changes to the labels and the formulas, which you can read more about in the Herbal Philosophy blog post about Changes and Opportunities.

When James and I are not scrambling to “get stuff done,” it’s usually because we’re on the road. Savoring the famed Pacific Northwest summer.

On a whim one Sunday, we traversed the Sound, riding our bicycles around Bainbridge Island.

Catching the sunset on the ferry back home.

We also spent two days in San Francisco, where I may have left my heart.

I took the kids to Golden Gate bridge, on the bus, by myself. (Yes, it was worth it.)

We found unexpected joy in a rooftop fountain.

A carousel ride can never be overrated, especially when you’re five and under.

After we left the city for the family reunion, we kayaked on a lake in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

We attended another lovely wedding on another beautiful island.

Emile is a die-hard beach comber, uncovering the coolest rocks and tiniest crabs.

Giovanna continues to get prettier by the day.

She likes to dress up.

And dress down.

She can often be found on abandoned tricycles at the park.

She doesn’t love her car seat, but she does love her dollies.

And talking on her cell phone.

And her grammy and grampa.

This smile is what gets me through the day, with my own to match.

I continue to be in awe of the farmers markets and inspired to experiment in the kitchen, seeking to maximize health and yumminess, while minimizing prep time. I threw together this one, tofu-sesame lettuce wraps with garlic and fresh mint, and surprised even myself. It was so good that I took a picture.

At the end of each day, if I’m not blogging, working or writing and editing my brains out, I’m sitting in my groovy living room. Just chilling.

What are you doing this summer?


  1. Okay, once your teas go nationwide (because they will) and hit Texas, you’ll know why you can’t keep them in stock. Because of me. 🙂

    You are an amazing woman. And can I ask what you’ve been writing/editing lately?

    Also, your family is simply lovely. I’ll stop being so stalkery now…


    1. Yes! The teas will make it to Texas soon enough. I need someone to come help me make them, too. That would be perfect. The only trouble is that I’d rather be writing and creating new tea formulas than running a tea factory, so I need someone to do that part too.

      As for the writing and editing, I’m working on a novel about an American girl who takes off for Thailand on a one-way ticket to teach English. Unfortunately, I can’t tell if it’s good yet, but every day I make a little bit of progress. Well, most days.

      Thanks for stopping by Ericka, you’re one of my favorite bloggers to stalk as well 😉


    1. To start, they’re only at the one on Roosevelt in Seattle. So if you make it over to that one…please do! I will be there on September 10th, 10-1, for a tasting if you want to try the teas first 🙂


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