a first for everyone (even the dog)

As summer wanes, I am busier than ever. Travel, work, new beginnings, exercise and clear skies. This weekend, I am conducting a tea tasting at a Whole Foods in Seattle, I am entertaining friends, and I am running my first 10k. On Monday, James starts a new (insanely exciting) job and Giovanna has her first day of co-op preschool. Last week, Emile started kindergarten. So many firsts, so many blessings.

Last week, we returned to the San Juan Islands for the third time in the past month because we just can’t get enough. This trip involved bike rides, nature walks, a lavender farm, and the Lopez Island winery.

Grammy gave Giovanna a purse and she takes it very seriously. No girl can go out to dinner without her purse.

This is the kind of menu you will find in the San Juan Islands, one of the many reasons why this particular archipelago is so dear to my heart.

Here’s my happy baby and I, off to walk up a hill.

For this view.

We commemorated James’ thirty-something birthday with a beach, a sunset, smores and wine.

A celebration in which Giovanna roasted her first marshmallow.

Shortly after returning to our urban home, Giovanna and I attended the second birthday party of Shayla, my friend’s adorable and spunky daughter. We brought her a tea set made of recycled milk cartons by Green Toys, the perfect tool for teaching kids how to drink their tea mindfully. That and how to throw a fabulous tea party. My kids delight in post-dinner tea parties; we drink Herbal Philosophy Find Serenity Tea and eat little cookies out of the sugar jar.

Gigi had a great time at Shayla’s party. Can you tell?

And lastly, our dog, Nikki, even had a first this week. Her first trip to the pound. We’re glad to have her home.

Is it just me or does September rival December in busy-ness?


  1. sounds like you are totally the good kind of busy! good luck on your race this weekend… i have a lot of fellow stroller-strides friends running in the iron girl. i’m not doing it though, because it’s my birthday! ha!


    1. It was definitely a great time, good thing because we’re back in the full swing of working life and we needed to store a bit of fun and sunshine in our reserves!


    1. This was the lavender farm of your dreams, and the accompanying store was heavenly. Sadly, I was kind of beat from the bike ride and I didn’t take any photos.


    1. For sure, I agree! September also rivals December in excitement and fun, not just busyness. I love that your girls were curious about the doggy jail. Moral of the story: keep a close eye on your pup.


    1. Our girls lead parallel lives! The Whole Foods tasting was so great and so tiring. I posted a recap on HerbalPhilosophy.com if you want to check it out. xoxo


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