lazy mornings and fresh flowers

We didn’t do a lot this weekend, and it was perfect. No weddings or blogging events or bike races or tea tastings.

Instead, we savored…

Lazy mornings with espresso and muffins.

Family walks.

Vietnamese food.

Pike Place Market.

A re-organized closet.

Good old-fashioned yard work.

Cheese, bread and wine.

Shopping for new eyeglasses.

A visit with my brother.

Fresh-cut flowers.

Here’s Gigi helping in the yard. Shovel in hand, focused on daddy. Very serious business.

I’d like to know, how do you enjoy non-eventful weekends?


  1. In preparation for the next baby, we’ve had a lot of un-eventful weekends, weekends consisting of cooking or writing or reading or time spent outdoors. I usually like to be busy and to do things on my weekends, but having breaks every now and then really help me appreciate the simpler things and refocus my energies on what matters most.


    1. Sounds heavenly and perfect! There’s nothing you should be doing besides relaxing right now. Your life is about to change completely…take all the time you need to mentally prepare. On a side note, have you read “The Science of Parenting”? I remember reading it when I was pregnant with Giovanna and I thought it was brilliant.


  2. Lazy weekends are awesome! Our best are spent grabbing an easy picnic lunch and spending hours in the park as a family. I keep many grab and go items for the picnic basket in my pantry for just such occasions.


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