dressing up

Some kids carry around stuffed animals. Giovanna, who is now 3 months from her second birthday, carries around…articles of clothing. They turn up all over the house. My sparkly shirts. Daddy’s striped socks. Gigi’s pants and tutus. To get dressed, she carefully grabs her right foot with her left arm and proceeds to step into whatever she’s found. Unless it’s socks, which she puts on her arms like kid gloves.

While folding laundry yesterday, I turned around and (over her clothes) she had on two additional dresses and one of my shirts. She thinks nothing of wearing three pairs of pants or two tutus.

Halloween is a magical time for a kid like Gigi. She was beside herself at the costume store today, where we found this Cleopatra headpiece.

I have to share this video because her joy is infectious.

Those big smiles weren’t random. She lit up for anyone who walked by, hoping they’d stop and admire her beads. She did eventually win a fan (besides me). Then, we found a green fairy dress, wings included, for $4.99 and I couldn’t resist.

Did I mention Halloween is also a magical time for a mother like me?


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