where pumpkins grow

I’ve already told you about my love for pumpkins, vibrant orange globes symbolizing autumn, perfect for savory dishes, sweet treats, and decoration. Is there a plant more diverse than the pumpkin?

The pumpkin patch is a hallowed place, a place where anything can happen.

Where the earth produces fruit larger than one’s head.

And a fairy godmother is waiting to grant your heart’s desire, whether it be a hay ride or a face painting or turning a pumpkin into a pie.



The pumpkin patch is where families come together, where hundreds of orange globes light up our faces, where we commune in the spirit of seeking autumn.

Welcome to November, possibly the best month for eating pumpkins.


  1. I LOVE pumpkins too! I have never been to a pumpkin patch, but it looks like so much fun! What a beautiful photo of your family! (I assume that’s you and your family…) 🙂 Great blog!


    1. Yes, these are pictures of my family. Thank you and thank you for stopping by 🙂 The pumpkin patch is my favorite place this time of year, you should see if there’s one in your area!


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