walk through a garden

I drive through the winding roads of the Washington Park Arboretum several times a week. But I rarely have “time” to stop, which I’m vowing to change, because what lies in this 200 acre garden is a slice of a paradise.

Last weekend, I visited the Japanese Garden at the height of autumn’s leaves, wandering through in a daze, caught in one of those rare moments where everything is beautiful in the world.

The feeling was reminiscent of looking at my daughter, when the intensity of my love for her makes me think that everything is as it should be. I can see the perfection of man rather than his perversity.

Walking through a garden is therapy. Wrapping your arms around the thickness of a tree’s trunk is strengthening. Noticing the spread of its roots is grounding. Smelling the newness of a bloom is refreshing. Seeing the brightness of a dying leaf is enlightening. The circle of life continues, and we are each traveling along our unique path, on the perimeter of our own circle.

Autumn will give way to Winter will gave to way to Spring will give way to Summer. There’s no stopping the seasons, there’s no breaking the circle, there’s no end and no reason to be afraid. Let go of fear. Seize life. Know love. Make time to walk through a garden.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I head to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens as often as I can (with its own Japanese garden, maple trees and more; they look so similar!), and I am always pulled toward the greatness of this world, rather than its smallest dimensions. It’s hard to live there, certainly, but so wonderful we can visit whenever we want. : )


  2. Beautiful post and accompanying pictures! I haven’t walked through a garden in some time now, but now realize I need to. There’s so much beauty there. So much to take in and give back.


  3. I’m so glad I finally got the chance to read this post…it is glorious!!!! Such a beautiful moment untouched by the human hand…I was caught up into your peaceful thoughts and transported to this garden with you, my heart instantly set at peace…..thank you bella, for this perfect moment….


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