blocking fear with faith

Every one of us at times has thoughts of fear.

But we have been given something that is more powerful than fear –We block our fear and that’s faith. We can turn right around to those fears and say, “Get thee behind me.” You get something behind you by turning your attention in a different direction. If you turn your attention, whatever that thought was, it’s now behind you.

~ Mary Morrissey

Giovanna doesn't need to fear Nikki because she has faith.

Sometimes all it takes is a refusal to listen to fear. For the fearful, this seems impossible. What will happen to our fears if we don’t acknowledge them? Will they eat us up and spit us out? Will our lives end or our loved ones leave? Or will the fears turn to dust and blow away with the wind?

The only way to find out is to let them go. More likely than not, the fears will evaporate, and then you’re free.

Do you know people who live without letting fear get in the way? Not just skydivers and lion tamers, but the people who go after what they want without looking back, without counting the ways they could fail or end up broken. Can you be one of those people? Can I?

I challenge you, and me, to let go of one fear today. Dig deep, to the uncomfortable spaces in your heart, and sift through the worries. Choose a fear you can part with and replace it with faith.



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