costumes: the adult version

Three years ago, James and I fell in love, or at least started to, on Halloween. Two years ago, I was pregnant on Halloween. We dressed up as a priest and a pregnant school girl. Last year, I wore cat ears while Emile went trick or treating and called it good. This year, I was ready to go out again, to celebrate Halloween the way adults do, with fake eyelashes and elaborate costumes and dancing and even a glass of Prosecco.

After much debate, James and I were able to agree and find “matching” costumes. I was a gypsy and he was a genie.

Our friend happened to be the spitting image of Waldo. His name is Will, but now I call him Wildo.

We played.

We posed.

We danced.

For an iota of a minute, I remembered what it felt like to be young and carefree. Not worrying about my daughter or what happens next. Around midnight, I was hit with a desperate longing for baby’s breath, and I dragged James home like a kid craving Halloween candy. But I was craving my baby girl instead, who is so much sweeter than sugar.

Oh, motherhood.


    1. Thank you lovely! So your halloween ended in a desperate longing for your babies as well? I wish I could have stayed out longer and enjoyed myself more, but c’est la vie! Someday they’ll be all grown up and we won’t feel such an urgency to tend to them all the time 🙂


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