stress less

Forgive Often  Listen, lighten up, let go. Forgive the frailties of humanity, especially your own. Forgiveness provides spiritual opportunity and fosters health–we store anger in our bodies–release it!

Practice Happiness  The mind is a radio and you choose the station. Positive mental habits, like all muscles, are strengthened by use.

Create Poetry with Your Body  Move like the kid you still are. Spin, tip-toe, flop yer limbs, roll on the floor, lean on walls, twist in your chair, go outside, flip your perspective through movement. Shake yer booty.

Lift Your Heart  Balance in/out front/back. Be with breath. Self nourish. Express creatively. Singing massages from the inside out.

Draw, dabble, dance,

explore being human.

Cultivate Laughter

~ Nancy Holley


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