alert on all fields

In this new age cynicism is an indulgence we cannot afford. Let no beauty go unnoticed. This is how we gain mastery in the art of living, through the genius of radical peace. ~ DV Trimmer

Today, I marvel at the Autumn leaves. And the sweetness of children. On this day before Thanksgiving, it seems only appropriate that we express gratitude, letting no beauty go unnoticed. Be alert on all fields, blessings are hidden in dark corners as well as sunny, wide open spaces.


  1. happy thanksgiving to you and yours, I hope your weekend was marvelous – these leaves are breath taking…..let us continue to keep our hearts in a state of gratitude, for all that we’ve been blessed with, for all of the provisions we can often take for granted….and for the freedom to enjoy it all without fear as so many places around the world are in a state of unrest.


    1. Exactly. Even if we don’t feel so *lucky* all the time, we must remember that as Americans, we have something more valuable than success or fortune: our freedom.


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