enjoy less

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

Socrates said this a few thousand years ago, but we still haven’t figured it out. I wonder why it’s so hard, why we always want more. Why we turn holidays into excuses to drink more, eat more, buy more, and be more.

I want to enjoy the small beauties of the season: mistletoe, poinsettias, cinnamon sticks, egg nog, pine needles, twinkling lights, festive music. I don’t want to make lists. I want to purchase handmade gifts from Etsy retailers and small businesses. I want to make Christmas decorations from scratch. I want snowmen and peppermint hot chocolate. I want to sing along to Silent Night. I want to give myself unto others.

In a season obsessed with acquiring more, the simplest pleasures bring the greatest joy.



  1. I enjoy these posts right now more than ever because we dont have a lot of money to spend since it is all wrapped up in my husbands education. It forces one to really examine the the blessings one has and the meaning of the season.


    1. You already know this, but…your money is so much better spent on your husband’s education and yours blessings are so much greater than money can buy. You and your husband are setting a great example for your children.


  2. fabulous post bella! I’m with you on this….so much excess!!! I think if you are going to exchange gifts, it’s soooooo wonderful to support small businesses, and the individual’s craft (Etsy is uber fantastic!) or to consider shopping craigslist or thrifting. Our family has stopped gift giving a few years ago, the best thing we ever did. It started out with us making homemade gifts for one another instead of shopping, and then ultimately stopping gift giving all together and just enjoying the season with one another cooking and playing games and spending time together. Really enjoying the elements of the season as you so beautifully mentioned….the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes…..As soon as we had children, there was an urge by some in the family (ahem…namely the grandparents!) to buy just for the children and so we agreed. Now I only buy for my nieces and nephews and two of our closest friends kids…in any case, rebelling against consumerism is wise in my book. So many people go into debt and get all worked up in a frenzy this time of year that they lose sight of the reason for the season…..here’s to putting the “holy” back in the holidays! much love to you bella!


    1. Thank you for sharing your story! Your family is an inspiration to the rest of us. And I know what you mean about grandparents…they have little self-control when it comes to their grandchildren. My mom generally buys everything used and so I feel like its okay, as long as she doesn’t over do it 😉


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