a self-portrait in the name of self-love (and new friends)

Chelsey from The Paper Mama, a beautiful mother, artist and inspiring blogger, is conducting a self-photo challenge in the name of self-love. Because it’s that time of year.

Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale wrote a post called Take pictures of yourself. It’s important. She says: When people visit your blog, it’s like they are taking a step into your world. They are reading stories about you, your family, your kids. They’re seeing pictures of your home, your city & your loved ones. It’s super important to let your readers/peers/friends (whatever you want to call them) see WHO you are. Being able to put a face to the words & stories makes a huge difference when you’re getting to know someone.

I’m on the shy side and I don’t like taking pictures of myself. But greater than any insecurity is the craving to invite new friends into my life. This is why I blog: to write, but also to connect. And now that I think about it, when I visit other blogs, I like meeting the bloggers “face to face.” It’s time to focus the camera on me for a change.

To complete the challenge, I must take a self-portrait and blog about ME using the “Currently” template from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet.

I ended up taking it while I was stuck in bed, coaxing my toddler to nap on a Saturday. I was lying in a twin bed and taking my own picture and I felt silly about it. So I stuck out my tongue. I didn’t think I would ever use the picture, but here it is because I don’t really want to take another one. Although I was attempting a balance of serious and silly rather than seductive, my husband called it sexy. Isn’t that what husbands are for?


Obsessing over…

Decorating my new house, which, naturally, involves pinning up a storm: There’s No Place Like Home. I know exactly what I like, but the only problem is that I’m not the only adult with a strong opinion who lives here. Which is not really a problem at all, but does require compromise. A lot of it.

Working on…

My second novel, while waiting for feedback on the first. Tastings and tea parties for Herbal Philosophy. Being a better wife, mother and stepmother.

Thinking about…

New retail channels for my teas. And where exactly I am taking this business.


This week’s trip to Southern California. Hoping to catch a few rays of sunshine and warmth.

Listening to…

Feist radio on Pandora. This station transmits creativity and a sense of calm, and best of all, it is totally tailored to my tastes. I’ve been listening to this station for years (or maybe it just feels like years?) and after many thumbs ups and thumbs downs, Pandora seems to know what I need to hear and when. Ahhh.


Homemade pizza made with a cracker thin crust. Thanks to these folks, I’ve recently started making artisan bread in 5 minutes a day, which you may already know from my post about homemade bread. I also use the dough to create pizza, which (when paired with a salad), is possibly the quickest (as far as prep time), completely homemade, and yes, organic dinner that I make. Partially because I have the right tools (a hot oven, baking stone, pizza peel, stand mixer), but mostly because pizza is easy once you get the hang of it. And being 2+ years into this wife and mom thing, I’ve had a lot of practice.


To find a literary agent this year. I know, from the way that I sit down and watch a story unfold before my eyes, a story that comes through my fingers rather than my brain, that writing fiction is my calling (one of a few, or perhaps, one of many?). Now that I’ve vanquished the beast that is uncertainty, I am faced with refining my craft, and finding an agent who believes in me. Neither of which are simple tasks, but I believe that when it’s right, it’s never impossible. It only takes time and patience. (Repeat after me: time and patience.)


    1. Thank you, Kimberly. I was trying to look decent since most self-portraits just make me cringe. Also trying to get over such a self-deprecating belief. I have yet to send out even one letter to an agent, but I will start soon. Yes. “Soon.”


    1. I know! I might have to steal the format for future posts…and thank you for liking my picture because I’ve gotten mixed reviews. Too late to change it though. Not sure I’ve ever taken such a close-up picture of my face (or tongue).


  1. We made this face a lot as kids as we tried to roll our toungues- I can’t do it. I don’t think you can either, but I can’t remember. Lying in the twin bed probably totally brought back the memory. 🙂


    1. I can totally roll my tongue! Did you know it’s the same twin bed I slept in?? It’s even the bottom bunk. I spray painted it white because it was looking very brown and it’s perfect for Gigi’s room. I even have the same sheets and comforter (with the dolls). HAHA.


  2. PS you should get a “captcha”, because you can still get hacked even with comment moderation. I learned that the hard way- then the hacker-fixer people told me to get one. You can get them for free as a wordpress plugin. Love you – your big sitter 🙂


  3. You are beautiful!
    I’ve been doing self portraits too!
    It is great for self love.
    That phrase in the upper corner about your blog being a love song to your spirit, I love it!


    1. Thanks, Mirjam. You are the first to comment on that little phrase in the upper corner, and it makes me happy to know for sure that at least one person out there understands what I mean.


  4. You are beautiful, Lucy! And I love the idea of taking a picture of yourself everyday. I’m guilty of never ever taking pictures of myself. And that’s why my blog only “features” my kids. Well, that and because I’m shy and, at times, overly self conscious. But you’ve given me reason to think that maybe I need to get more of my pictures out there.

    And the pizza idea sounds yummy! I love homemade pizzas.


    1. I, for one, would love to see pictures of you 🙂 I think it actually helps combat our self-conscious tendencies. Go for it, Jessica!! And thank you for the sweet compliment.


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