recipes + gratitude

Today is a glorious Monday. The clouds have parted, the sun is shining, and the winter air is biting. I am ready for a good week. A week of productivity and creativity and maybe even a new beginning or two.

Today, I am grateful…

To live in a place where my morning walk takes me here.

For this coconut vanilla lavender RAW ice cream. I love giving my family something sweet, cold, creamy AND healthy.


For this Protein Power Goddess Bowl from Oh She Glows.


For this guide to making the perfect green smoothie from Superfood Glow.


That my kids have a Grammy who makes them nutritious snacks such as oat bars with nuts, seeds and dried fruit based on this oatmeal bar recipe from Oh She Glows.


To be part of my first ever Style Off. Please vote here.

That for the past few days, I’ve been sick (for the umpteenth time this winter). Why am I grateful to be sick? Because I am finally motivated to get serious about taking care of myself, which includes more sleep and less dairy products, more raw vegetables and less stress, more staring in awe at the snow-capped mountains and less staring at a computer screen. I can see both from where I sit right now, and I am grateful for this, too.


    1. I love coconut milk too. The hardest part is convincing my husband it’s a good idea to eat less cheese as part of dinner. At least that’s what I’m telling myself 😉 Good luck to us both.


    1. Yes, yes you do. The ice cream lasts a long time, which is a plus. I haven’t made the protein power bowl recipe YET, but I did do a variation. This week is going by too fast.


    1. If you find a diet that makes you feel better, you’ll be glad that your gallbladder alerted you that something was amiss. Better to catch it sooner rather than later. Good luck – it’s never easy to change how you eat.


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