are you ready to change?


“It’s not that some people have willpower. and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.”

~ James Gordon

Change. We are capable of it, right? We can make a decision about how we want to be, and once we’re ready, we have the energetic power to transform our realities.

The key to the above statement: once we’re ready. Once we need the change like we need water, we will find willpower. We will use our hands like shovels and dig deep. Then, we will record our intention. We will tell someone, we will write it down, we will clip a picture. I’ll go first.

I will go to bed earlier. I will eat less dairy and gluten. I will stop letting distractions hamper my productivity.

I will be healthy instead of sick, energetic instead of tired. I will wait for the spinning vortex on the screen by observing the trees, stoic and swaying. I will focus on one activity instead of many. And when I need a break, rather than switching tasks, I will breathe. Deep. I will look at the rising mountains, whose massive size makes me small. When I feel small, the little things feel smaller. Everything I need “to do” is less important. All of my worries are stripped away and what is left is this moment.

Let me tell you about this moment.

The earth looks still from where I am. The sun hangs low, and creation is glowing, soft at the edges of a brand new day. The water is at rest and the mountains are fixed, like a painting. But when I allow my eyes to graze the view again, I notice the lake is shimmering, as if it’s bubbling up with anticipation for this day. Across many miles, snow is melting off of one mountain while it is accumulating on another. Trees are growing, flowers are blooming, animals are foraging, humans are greeting the day with quick showers and hot coffee. I can hear the traffic flowing now.

We are just like the earth. Even when we appear from the outside to be in a solid state, we are purely mutable creatures. We are regenerating and changing in every moment while our spirit occupies this body. Your beliefs and your actions will shape the person you are tomorrow. So who do you want to be?

lucille in the sky


    1. New = unfamiliar. New = exciting. It’s our choice which one we focus on. I can see why people are scared…but why move backward when you could go forward?


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