a boutique-y dress

Friends: Today is the last day to vote for me in the style-off here. Thank you!

I’ve been waiting all week to do another style post. When my husband leaves for work, I am either wearing workout clothes or pajamas. Since we moved, the tripod has remained elusive. I cannot convince the timer on my camera to work. There is no way to take my own picture during the day. James doesn’t get home until after dark, and by then, the natural light is gone. And so is my ability to pose for a photograph.

Today is Saturday. I was feeling feminine. I wanted to wear a dress. This one is soft and colorful and falls like a nightgown. I put it on and the sun came out.

I won’t wear something very often if it’s not ultra-comfortable. I like to be styling, and I like to be able to move. I like to feel free. Doesn’t everybody?

Dress: from a Soho boutique in NYC (no tag)

Cardigan: Target

Boots: Vintage from my Grandma Lucy’s closet (see better picture of them here)

Glasses: Infinit (www.infinit.la)


    1. It covers up everything, I promise. But I will agree that the long dress look isn’t for everyone. Style takes a back seat to comfort in my book!


  1. Style + Comfort…it’s the only way to go, especially when you have young kids! I’m looking forward to more style posts, and hoping to learn a thing or two about venturing out beyond t-shirts and jeans!


  2. Wow! That dress is fabulous! The cut and the color of the dress really fits you a lot. The beauty in you comes out on that dress!


  3. You look so gorgeous on that dress! i like color and the cut is perfect. Thanks for sharing this to us and i’m looking forward for more fashion style from you. Love it!


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