ponchos and tutus

My mom loves to tell a certain story about me at age 4.

We were on a sailboat trip, in Desolation Sound (the middle of nowhere, if you didn’t guess). I had packed my own suitcase, and I had my own special cubby where I kept my belongings (I remember every inch of this cubby). They told me to get dressed because we were going on a hike. I put on a party dress and black patent leather shoes and declared myself ready.

Not much has changed. I like to dress up. I also like to hike.

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

Poncho: Zulily.com

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Ross

Tutu, Dress, Socks: gifts

I may buy her clothes, but she puts them on.

Hat: Gap

Fleece: Columbia (thrifted)

Boots: thrifted

Dress: a gift

The hot pink and orange dress, from Aunt Diane, is her current favorite (also pictured here). She points to it in the closet and says “that dress!” almost every morning. Not that I can blame her.

Sweater: Gap

Pants: Old Navy

Dress & Tutu: gifts

The tutu is the ultimate accessory. She can wear it with just about anything for a little extra fluff.

My favorite places to buy children’s clothing are Old Navy, Zulily.com, thrift & consignment stores, and Nordstrom Rack. I also enjoy Target and Ross.

What about you?


  1. I get a lot at the second hand shop for the kids. Both “pretty” clothes and wear outside and cover in glitter and mud clothes.

    I think I need my own tutu.


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