how to change your attitude

I have a new trick to share: write down the attitudes that you want to shape your life. Give your thoughts a positive direction. Know that these attitudes are already yours. (Believing beyond a shadow of a doubt is the hardest part.)

Some recent examples, copied from my journal:

1. People want to drink my tea.

2. People want to read what I write.

3. There is never a good reason to get frustrated with my children.

In the following days, Herbal Philosophy Teas got some Twitter love by a new fan. We got a tea order from a random person in a faraway state. A charity auction (requesting a tea donation) popped up.

I got a message from a blog reader that left me encouraged and inspired. I received an interesting twist for my manuscript while basking in yellow rays and chipping away at the story, tap by tap, perhaps as clueless to the ending as the reader.

Yesterday, I enjoyed an extra sweet and sunny morning with Giovanna, a morning that included the beach and a bubble bath. I showed patience in situations that often lead me to show frustration. I left my work for her nap time and spent time playing with my little girl, savoring the golden time that sifts through the cracks, never leaving enough for everyone.

Along with these subtle differences, I am discovering additional attitudes I have that are in need of modification. After all, this life is an endless act of manifesting and interpreting and balancing and loving. If we seek to be proactive about our realities rather than reactive, becoming conscious about our intentions and aware of our thoughts, we gain access to the great abyss of creativity, the same force that beats life into the planet and into our hearts.

Our higher selves are already within us, but we have to find them, and we have to find time for them. If we want to evolve, we must start with our thoughts, we must change our attitudes. Each one of you, of us, is a unique and whole being, capable of changing a life and creating a reality. It takes consciousness, practice and faith to know your brilliance, and to let it out.

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  1. Change your attitude from your heart. If you pretend to be a different person for the sake of making friends, people will see straight through you. Show interest in other people. Smile when you meet them and show genuine interest in their lives. Give time and attention to those people who are already in your life. Use a person’s name when you are speaking to him, without overdoing it.


  2. I love the quote you have highlighted. Yes, we have to be careful on what to think, because sometimes, what we think is what we speak. And when we think of bad things, we might speak it out without our knowledge.


    1. Kristin, it’s sooooo hard. Which is why I realized that I need to put aside a little bit of time every day for positive thinking, and I need to write down what I want, too. It really helps. (I use Evernote!)


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