divine power

I’m like a roller coaster.


Spirit fills in the cracks like glue.


And so I cannot be broken.


I’m in love with life.


I’m in control of nothing but my thoughts.


I’m awestruck by everything.


I stare at trees, I watch insects, I marvel at airplanes.


My heart is open now.


I can sense the infinite Oneness.


I meditate, and my mind drifts.


I pray with fervor.


Gratitude defines the moment.


Love defines us.


Time is not linear.


Time is an illusion.


Our “reality” is a waking dream.


What are sleeping dreams?


Limits are false.


Anything is possible.


The truth will set us free.


I was created by a divine power.


Therefore I am divine power.


Love is my fuel.


All I need to live is love.


If I love myself, I can change the world.


So can you.


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” ~ Alice Walker


Do you see the Wind talking to the Tree? Do you see the Airplane playing amongst Clouds?


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