help wanted

With the guidance of others, and after much soul-searching, I have finally accepted that I need to make some major changes in my business, Herbal Philosophy Teas.

Even while knowing that I can’t “do it all,” I have been trying to do it all.


My strengths do not lie in Sales and Operations. I am decent at Marketing and Social Media, but even these are not where my highest self shines.


I am a Tea Artisan, I am a Writer. I love to read about herbs and play with herbs. I love to mix new teas and taste new teas, and I love to write about these remedies. I can blog about herbs and alternative medicine, I can write clever copy for the website and the labels, I can host lively tea parties and talk “health” for hours.


But for the past year or so, I have not been wearing my hat as a Tea Artisan. I have not been creating new remedies, even though I have had plenty of ideas. All of the energy I have for this business has been spent on the stuff I should not be doing. The stuff that needs to be done to keep a business alive, the stuff that leaves me dry. And so there’s no more of me to go around, no one to breathe innovation and creativity into the product line and the business at large. When we do not work according to our strengths, we do a crappy job, no matter how hard we try. It’s like swimming upstream, or reading in the dark.


So what do I do now?


I need a partner. Someone who is infinitely inspired by the concept behind Herbal Philosophy Teas and wants to become a partial owner. Someone who has proven experience in sales and growing a start-up. Someone who is organized and enjoys keeping records and filling orders and analyzing numbers. Etc. Maybe this is more than one partner, maybe it’s not. Maybe this is someone familiar with natural medicine and alternative remedies, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s someone I already know, maybe it’s not.


Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s somebody you know?


More about the company:


Herbal Philosophy Teas was founded upon the belief that Mother Nature is mankind’s greatest chemist. We interpret her remedies in the form of certified organic, handcrafted tea blends. Our first client, an independent Seattle coffee shop, saw their tea sales double in the first few weeks of carrying Herbal Philosophy. The teas are now available for sale online ( or at Whole Foods Market (Roosevelt Square in Seattle and Lynnwood locations). Our teas are effective, delicious and whimsical. We currently offer remedies to Find Serenity, Forget Hangovers, Feel Dreamy, Feel the Love, Feel Lite and Feel Beautiful. We have a Mother’s Tea which has proven to help women through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Visit our website to learn more, and email me at if you have any leads to my *perfect* partner.


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